June 25, 2015

28 Podcasts You Should Download Now

By Erica R. Hendry

These days, it’s rare to see someone on the street (or subway) without a pair of earbuds.

Whether audio streaming and podcasting are, as The New York Times wonders, in the middle of “a long boom or a short bubble,” it’s clear demand for on-the-go audio content is here to stay, at least for now.

But with seemingly endless options, where should you start?

After our show on the rising popularity of audio streaming and podcasts, we asked our experts for some recommendations.

Eric Nuzum, former vice president of programming at NPR and soon-to-be senior vice president of original content at Audible:

  1. How To Do Everything
  2. Criminal
  3. Hear Be Monsters
  4. Mystery Show
  5. TED Radio Hour
  6. Snap Judgement
  7. Pitch
  8. Ask Me Another

Cecilia Kang, entertainment and technology reporter, The Washington Post:

  1. Longform
  2. Diane Rehm
  3. Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin
  4. The Tim Ferris Show
  5. Story Corps
  6. New Yorker: Out Loud
  7. On Point with Tom Ashbrook

Aram Sinnreich, associate professor, school of communication at American University:

  1. Serial
  2. Death, Sex & Money
  3. Love & Radio
  4. The Sidebar
  5. Microphone Check
  6. The Future of What
  7. Make/Work
  8. Sound Opinions
  9. StarTalk Radio
  10. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

Top Picks (Podcasts chosen by several or all guests)

  1. Invisibilia
  2. 99% Invisible
  3. WTF with Marc Maron

What are your favorite podcasts? Share in the comments!


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