Diane Rehm


Diane Rehm is a native Washingtonian who began her radio career in 1973 as a volunteer producer for WAMU 88.5, the NPR member station in Washington, D.C. She was hired as an assistant producer and later became the host and producer of two health-oriented programs. In 1979, she began hosting WAMU’s local morning talk show, Kaleidoscope, which was renamed The Diane Rehm Show in 1984.

Alison Brody


Alison Brody joined Diane’s staff in 2013 as a producer for The Diane Rehm Show.  Her previous experience includes producing on-air and digital content for former PBS affiliate KCET and implementing audience engagement strategies that informed reporting at newsrooms around the country, including Marketplace, NPR and The New York Times. Alison started her career in the classroom, where she learned that teaching is much more about listening than it is about talking.

Sandra Baker


Sandra Baker started with The Diane Rehm Show in 1993 when it was a local Washington, D.C. program. She helped turn it into a nationally syndicated NPR program with 2.8 million weekly listeners.



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