September 22, 2016

See Diane Host A Panel On The Election At DC’s Newseum

By The Diane Rehm Show Staff

Diane Rehm. The Debate. A Brilliant Evening.

This year’s presidential election is like no other in our country’s history. What’s going to unfold during the first debate will continue to change the nature of American politics.

Join Diane Rehm and a panel of leading political journalists on September 27, the day after this debate. as they dissect and analyze the events of the night before.

6:30pm — Pre-program reception

7:15pm — Program and Q&A

You should be there. Reserve your tickets today.



Nia-Malika Henderson, Senior Political Reporter, CNN

Domenico Montanaro, Lead Political Editor, NPR

Susan Page, Washington Bureau Chief, USA Today

Byron York, Chief Political Correspondent, Washington Examiner

Audience questions and comments help fuel the conversation, and we invite ticketholders to come and enjoy a private reception with Diane and her panelists before the program begins.



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