July 28, 2017

“On My Mind” Is Taking An August Recess.

By Rebecca Kaufman

We’ve had a great start to our podcast, “On My Mind.”  You’ve all been such terrific responders, giving us good feedback and suggestions.  Now with the heat of summer on us, we’re going to take a break.  During August, we’ll recommend some programs from the archives of the Diane Rehm Show, which you can listen to at leisure.  We’ll give you a heads up, week by week, what our recommendations will be.

Also, if you didn’t know already, I’m happy to tell you now that I’m going to be married in October, so will spend lots of time in August planning the wedding.

I wish you all a great summer, even in this chaotic political time.  Washington in August used to be peaceful.  Sure isn’t this year!  Whatever the President chooses to do, it’s certain to create an uproar!  When I’m back in September, we’ll do our best to bring you all the latest and best information.

Thank you for being so loyal and such attentive partners in this podcast.  I look forward to being with you again after Labor Day!

Love to all.  Diane



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