Several candidates for the presidential nominations want to see the government establish more partnerships with faith-based organizations to provide social services and strengthen communities. Some religious groups worry there may be strings attached to tax dollars, and other observers are concerned about preserving the separation of church and state. A panel talks about what the country stands to gain from “charitable choice” and what it stands to lose.


  • Derrick Harkins 19th Street Baptist Church
  • The Right Reverand Jane Holmes Dixon The Right Reverend Jane Holmes Dixon, retired Episcopal Bishop of Washington, Pro-tempore.
  • Abdul Aziz Said Professor of international relations at American University
  • David Salperstein Religion Action Center of Reform Judaism
  • Barry Lynn Executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State and author of "Piety & Politics" (Harmony Books)
  • Sharon Daly Vice president for social policy for Catholic Charities
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