Clashes between pro-government and Hezbollah forces have some worried that Lebanon is near the brink of another civil war. Diane and a panel of experts examine what led to the recent violence and the prospects for a peaceful resolution.


  • David Ignatius Columnist, "The Washington Post;" co-moderator of "PostGlobal" on
  • Hisham Melhem Washington bureau chief for Al-Arabiya TV, and Washington correspondent for "An-Nahar"
  • Cathy Sultan Author of four books on the Middle East, the most recent is "Tragedy in South Lebanon." She sits on the Executive Board of the National Peace Foundation.
  • Liz Sly The Chicago Tribune's Beirut correspondent.
  • Sami Baroudi Assistant Vice President for Faculty Affairs at the Lebanese American University. He has published extensively on the political economy of the Middle East, particularly Egypt and Lebanon.

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