Author Dani Shapiro with her mother and father in Hawaii in 1966.

Author Dani Shapiro with her mother and father in Hawaii in 1966.

Dani Shapiro has written four memoirs. But no amount of self-exploration could have prepared the author for what she learned after taking a DNA test on a whim at age 54. The father who raised her was not her biological dad.

“It turns out it is possible to live an entire life – even an examined life, to the degree that I had relentlessly examined mine – and still not know the truth of oneself,” Shapiro writes.

The discovery sets Shapiro off on a journey that leads her many places: meeting her biological father and his family, exploring the early history of fertility treatment and anonymous sperm donation and ultimately, a clearer understanding and appreciation for the father who raised her.



  • Dani Shapiro Author of four memoirs, "Hourglass," "Still Writing," "Devotion," and "Slow Motion," and five novels including "Black & White" and "Family History"

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