If you have read The New York Times over the last 25 years, you might recognize the name Frank Bruni. He has been a food critic, White House correspondent and, most recently, a columnist.

One morning in 2017 he woke up to discover he had gone functionally blind in one eye and was at risk of losing sight in the other. To cope with the changes in his life, he sought out the wisdom of others who had faced physical challenges and traumas.

He recognized in them, and eventually in himself, an ability to accept, to overcome, and to adapt. He wrote about this journey in a new memoir, “The Beauty of Dusk: On Vision Lost and Found.”

He joined Diane to discuss confronting his own vulnerability and what it taught him about the limitations we will all inevitably encounter, and the lens through which we view them.


  • Frank Bruni Contributing Opinion writer for The New York Times; author of "Born Round," "Ambling into History," and "The Beauty of Dusk"

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