April 21, 2015

Your Food Questions Answered By Chef Nora Pouillon

By Erica R. Hendry

Diane and Nora Pouillon after their April 21 interview.

Diane and Nora Pouillon after their April 21 interview.

In 1979, Chef Nora Pouillon opened Restaurant Nora with a mission: Bring more wholesome, organic food to diners in Washington, D.C.

Thirty-six years later, Nora is still pursuing that mission not only in her Florida Avenue restaurant, but also across the Mid-Atlantic: She founded FreshFarm Markets, D.C.’s first producer-only farmers market, develops recipes for  Walnut Acres and Fresh Fields (now Whole Foods) and hosts aspiring chefs and restaurateurs each year to introduce them to her lifestyle.

She’s also happy talking to customers and local residents about anything and everything organic. So she fielded some questions that came in from listeners during and after her April 21 show.

You can listen to the full show, check out her recipes or read our full Facebook Q&A, but here are some highlights:

On the price of organic food:



On food trends:


On cooking with spices (and without salt)



On her path to being certified all-organic:



On finding organic food in areas without resources:



On learning how to love to cook:

cooking1 cooking2


Other Q&As:



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