May 8, 2015

Video: Sen. George Mitchell On Peace In The Middle East

By Erica R. Hendry

Sen. George Mitchell, who famously negotiated the 1998 Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland and helped work toward peace in the Middle East, has some advice for current peacemakers: Get both Israel and Palestine vested in each others’ success.

“The political leaders right now don’t trust each other,” he said during his May 7 interview.

But he does think peace is possible.

“It doesn’t make sense for Israel to be in conflict with all of its neighbors,” he said.

By listener request, Mitchell also gave his “honest assessment” of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu is a strong leader, Mitchell said. And “he’s been elected by the people of Israel. Therefore, it is our obligation to work with him. We don’t choose the leaders of other countries.

Miss the May 7 show? Catch up on the full hour with Sen. George Mitchell.


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