June 4, 2015

Your Questions Answered: Concussions And New Treatment With Georgetown’s Dr. Kori Hudson

By Erica R. Hendry

Dr. Korin Hudson answers your questions about concussions.

Dr. Korin Hudson answers your questions about concussions.

Every 16 seconds, someone in America has a traumatic brain injury.

That means by this time tomorrow, brain specialists will have another 5,000 patients.  Some of them will bounce back quickly; for others, symptoms will persist for years.

Some hospitals are pursuing new concussion treatments targeted at repairing the brain in a different way: Physical therapy, brain puzzles and special glasses are just a few of the strategies through which concussion patients have seen success.

How can they help you? Georgetown University Medical Center’s Dr. Korin Hudson sat down with listeners in a live Facebook Q&A to answer questions about the road to recovery.

You can read the full discussion, but here are some highlights:

On seeking diagnosis and treatment


On the difference between concussions and traumatic brain injury


On emotional side effects


On taking concussions seriously


On getting help years, or decades, after an injury


On dealing with insurance


On treating patients with “Chemo brain”


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