January 12, 2016

Your Questions Answered: Teresa Ghilarducci On Retiring With Enough Money

By Joe Warminsky

Ghilarducci answers listener questions on Facebook on Jan. 7.

Ghilarducci answers listener questions on Facebook on Jan. 7.

Many Americans aren’t saving enough for retirement, and for tens of millions turning 65 in the next decade, the financial crunch will be heavy. Economist Teresa Ghilarducci, who is an informal adviser to Hillary Clinton, is out with a new book, “How to Retire with Enough Money: And How to Know What Enough Is,” that explains what middle-class Americans can do to set themselves up for their 60s and beyond. (On the policy front, she has long advocated for replacing 401(k)s with a federally managed saving plan.)

Ghilarducci sat down for a Facebook Q&A with listeners after our program to answer questions about their own financial decisions.

Some highlights:

On paying for higher education:


On methods for tracking a personal budget:


On whether to buy or rent at age 65:


On long-term care insurance:


Advice for a 47-year-old “basket case”


On what millennials can tell their parents:



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