Heightened security across the country is prompting accusations of ethnic profiling, especially at the airports. A panel talks about whether these approaches discriminate against some Americans, and whether or not they’re keeping the US safe.

Additional information:
If you feel you have been subject to discrimination on a commercial flight, you can file a complaint with the Civil Rights Commission by calling 1-866-76-USCCR / 1-866-768-7227 / (hearing impaired: 1-800-877-8339), or by sending an e-mail to ocre02@attglobal.net. You can also file a complaint with the Department of Transportation’s Aviation Consumer Protection Division by calling 202-366-2220.


  • James Zogby President of the Arab-American Institute
  • Linda Chavez Political activist, author
  • Douglas Laird Former director of security for Northwest Airlines and former Secret Service agent; vice president of BGI International Consulting Services

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