Election year party platforms usually don’t get much attention. But this year’s draft Republican platform is different. It’s making national headlines thanks to comments made by Missouri congressman Todd Akin — and by a widening gap in philosophies within the G.O.P. Akin’s remarks about rape made the party’s proposed adoption of a no-exceptions ban on abortion big news, even though similar restrictions have been in the platform for nearly three decades. Other planks include tougher immigration rules and a decision not to spare mortgage tax deductions. Diane and her guests discuss the Republican party platform and what it could mean for the Romney-Ryan ticket.


  • Kirsten Kukowski Press secretary for the Republican National Committee.
  • Norman Ornstein Resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.
  • Jonathan Allen Congressional reporter for Politico.
  • David Keene President of the National Rifle Association and former chair of the American Conservative Union.
  • Anna Greenberg Democratic pollster and senior vice president of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research.

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