Brando Skyhorse as a child.

Brando Skyhorse as a child.

Brando Skyhorse won the 2011 Pen-Hemingway award for his novel “The Madonnas of Echo Park.” It followed the lives of Mexican-Americans in a rough, but rapidly gentrifying Los Angeles neighborhood. In his latest book, Skyhorse returns to Echo Park, this time with the true story of his turbulent upbringing, a childhood surrounded by lies and half-truths. Abandoned by his Mexican father, he was raised by his mother and grandmother, also of Mexican descent, as a “full blooded Indian brave.” A series of five stepfathers floated in and out of his life,each presented as his new dad and each further splintering his notion of family.


  • Brando Skyhorse Author of "The Madonnas of Echo Park"

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