President Barack Obama defends his refusal to identify terrorists as Muslim extremists. At a White House summit on counterterrorism he said doing so would empower violent fanatics. The White House considers its options after a federal judge halts the president’s executive actions on immigration. Some Republicans say Congress should pass a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security without conditions. Former Florida governor Jeb Bush asserts his political independence ahead of a possible 2016 presidential bid. And the White House sets a deadline for a West Coast port settlement. A panel of journalists joins Diane for analysis of the week’s top national news stories.


  • Karen Tumulty National political reporter, The Washington Post.
  • Ron Elving Senior Washington editor, NPR.
  • Manu Raju Senior congressional reporter, Politico.

What Does Wal-Mart's Pay Hike Mean For Minimum Wage?

Half a million Wal-Mart employees will see their wages increase to $9 an hour, the company announced this week.

But more than a victory for Wal-Mart’s workers, the decision could mean more pressure for other companies, like McDonald’s, to give better wages to their employees, NPR’s Ron Elving said Feb. 20 on our Friday news roundup.

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How Different Is Jeb Bush From His Father And Brother?

In a speech this week, former Florida governor Jeb Bush said he was “his own man” when it came to his potential 2016 run for president.

But what message did he actually send to voters? Our panel took a deeper dive into his comments and list of advisers.


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