Tuesday the Senate will hold hearings on the origins of harsh interrogation techniques and last Thursday Guantanamo prisoners won the right to challenge their detention in federal courts. We take a look at how the post 9/11 detention and interrogation system was organized and what it’s achieved. A new investigative series in McClatchy newspapers concludes that abuse and mismanagement led to the radicalization of innocent people caught in the effort to round up terrorists.


  • Roy Gutman Foreign editor, McClatchy Newspapers; author "How We Missed the Story: Osama Bin Laden, the Taliban and the Hijacking of Afghanistan."
  • Col. Stuart Herrington Retired U.S. Army interrogator; reviewed detainee operations at Guantanamo and in Iraq for the U.S. Army
  • Matthew Waxman Former deputy assistant secretary of defense for detainee affairs (2004-2005); also held high ranking positions in the Department of State and National Security Council; currently, professor of law at Columbia University
  • Tom Lasseter Reporter, McClatchy newspapers

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