The Friday News Roundup. The Federal Reserve plans to pump an additional one-point-two trillion dollars into the economy and Senator Chris Dodd describes his role in the A-I-G bonus scandal. President Obama goes on the Leno show to pitch his bailout plan. A panel of journalists joins guest-host Susan Page for analysis of the week’s top national news stories.


  • E.J. Dionne Jr. Senior fellow at The Brookings Institution, Washington Post columnist, and author of "Souled Out: Reclaiming Faith and Politics After the Religious Right" and of "Stand Up Fight Back."
  • Matthew Continetti Associate editor of "The Weekly Standard"; he edits the magazine's "Campaign Standard" blog.
  • John Harwood Chief Washington correspondent for CNBC; reporter, "The New York Times;" coauthor with Jerry Seib of "Pennsylvania Avenue, Profiles in Backroom Power"

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