The new health care legislation has far reaching consequences in many areas and among these is Medicaid. The law seeks to use the Medicaid system to expand overall health care coverage for those who cannot afford to pay starting in 2014. Federal funds will be available, initially, to help states with the additional costs, but many states are facing acute budget shortfalls now and are unable to provide health care services to people already on their rolls. To deal with the crisis some states are considering opting out of the Medicaid system altogether. Please join us to discuss state budgets and the future of Medicaid.


  • Judy Feder Senior fellow, Center for American Progress and professor of public policy at Georgetown University.
  • Edmund Haislmaier Senior research fellow, Heritage Foundation
  • Janet Adamy Reporter, Wall Street Journal
  • Warren Chisum Representative, Texas State Legislature
  • Charles Duarte Administrator, Division of Health Care Financing and Policy State of Nevada

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