Despite an improving economy, the nation’s median income remains lower today than five years ago. In his State of the Union address on Tuesday, President Obama laid out plans for reforming the tax code to help middle class families. His plan includes raising the capital gains tax, expanding child care credits, and imposing a fee on the nation’s largest banks. Most Republicans oppose the president’s ideas, arguing that raising taxes discourages savings and limits growth. And they say the proposals won’t pass the GOP-led Congress. Guest host Steve Roberts and a panel of experts discuss the debate over the president’s tax proposals and what to do about rising income inequality.


  • Isabel Sawhill Senior fellow of economic studies, The Brookings Institution; co-director of the Center on Children and Families. Her latest book is titled, "Generation Unbound: Drifting into Sex and Parenthood without Marriage"
  • Jim Tankersley Economic policy correspondent, The Washington Post; editor of the "Storyline" policy blog
  • Chris Edwards Director of tax policy studies and editor of, Cato Institute.

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