Mary Schapiro took over as chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2009. The nation was in serious financial crisis and Wall Street seemed to resemble the Wild West in need of a strong sheriff. Many saw Schapiro as that sheriff and credit her with salvaging the agency’s role as Wall Street’s watchdog. Critics point to unfinished business, such as addressing the root causes of the financial crisis and punishing the perpetrators whose actions contributed to it. A discussion of the role of the SEC and its future under new leadership.


  • Mary Schapiro Chair, The Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Tom Gorman Co-chair of the American Bar Association's securities fraud subcommittee; former SEC enforcement official; partner at Dorsey & Whitney.
  • Dina ElBoghdady Reporter, The Washington Post.
  • Bartlett Naylor Financial policy advocate, Public Citizen, Congress Watch.

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