In a recent poll, more than one in three Americans reported negative effects of the sequester. That’s up from one in four when the $85 billion in budget cuts took effect in March. A Meals on Wheels Association of America survey showed nearly 70 percent of local programs have had to reduce the number of meals served to housebound seniors. Head Start programs for preschoolers have shrunk, funding for medical research is reduced and national parks are scaling back services. Diane and her guests discuss the broad reach of sequestration on Americans’ lives.


  • Jared Bernstein Senior fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, and former chief economist and economic policy adviser for Vice President Joe Biden.
  • Annie Lowrey Economic policy reporter for The New York Times.
  • Steve Taylor Senior vice president of public policy at United Way Worldwide.
  • Vinsen Faris Chairman of the board at Meals on Wheels of America.
  • Mary Woolley President and CEO at Research!America.

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