In recent weeks, a number of American companies have experienced high profile cyberattacks, exposing grave concerns about the vulnerabilities of corporate computer networks in the U.S.

In May, Colonial Pipeline was the target of a ransomeware attack, which shut down their operations, resulting in panic and widespread gas shortages across the Southeast. In response, the company paid millions in cryptocurrency to regain control of its networks, money the Justice Department announced it has partially recovered.

But this tactic is being replicated by cybercriminals, targeting companies across industries in America right now, looking to hold corporations hostage in exchange for payment.

To help understand what is happening and what the government — and the companies, themselves — can do to protect against these attacks, Diane spoke with April Falcon Doss, executive director of the Georgetown Institute for Technology, Law and Policy and author of the book “Cyber Privacy: Who Has Your Data and Why You Should Care.”


  • April Falcon Doss Executive director, Georgetown Institute of Technology Law and Policy; author of the book, "Cyber Privacy: Who Has Your Data and Why You Should Care"

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