Children play in the street in Manila, Philippines.

Children play in the street in Manila, Philippines.

Globalization. The word is often used to describe the movement of goods, money, even ideas. But veteran New York Times journalist Jason DeParle wants us to think about something else: people.

DeParle calls migration the defining story of the 21st century — with 258 million migrants scattered across the globe, transforming economies, politics and culture.

He tells a piece of that story in a new book, “A Good Provider Is One Who Leaves.” In it, he follows three generations of a Filipino family from a slum in Manila, to a suburban cul-de-sac outside Houston.

Jason DeParle joins Diane on the podcast to discuss this family’s journey and explain why understanding their experience provides valuable insights for anyone interested in our country’s immigration debate.


  • Jason DeParle Senior writer, The New York Times; author of "American Dream" and "A Good Provider Is One Who Leaves"

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