The leaders of France and Germany travel to Moscow with a peace plan to end the fighting in Ukraine. U.S. officials consider sending weapons to aid government forces there. Jordan launches airstrikes against ISIS targets after one of their pilots is burned alive. A 9/11 hijacker in prison alleges the Saudi royal family gave money to al-Qaida. In Argentina, prosecutors depose an ex-spy in an alleged bombing cover-up that some say implicates the president. The European Central Bank restricts funding for Greek banks. And Cameroon and Chad join Nigeria in a military campaign against Boko Haram insurgents. A panel of journalists joins Diane for discussion of the week’s top international stories.


  • Yochi Dreazen Managing editor for news at Foreign Policy and author of the book "The Invisible Front."
  • Susan Glasser Editor, Politico.
  • Stephan Richter Publisher and editor-in-chief, The Globalist.

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