Guest Host: Susan Page

President Trump rallies his fans in several campaign style speeches and Democratic leaders unveil a new slogan: New York Times reporter Peter Baker offers his perspective on what’s going on in Washington, then, Jason Kander, the thirty-six year old vet who nearly unseated Republican Senator Roy Blount of Missouri last fall on why Democrats really are offering a better deal.

In “From the Archives”: earlier this week we learned more  about the link between repeated head trauma and the risks of the debilitating brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE. Researchers studying the brains of former NFL football players  found that 99% of those they examined suffered from the disease. In 2012, Diane and a panel of guests discussed CTE and asked the question should young children play football.


  • Peter Baker Chief White House correspondent, The New York Times
  • Jason Kander Democrat, founder, president, Let America Vote, former Secretary of State, Missouri, former State Representative, Missouri

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