U.S. Senator Bob Corker

U.S. Senator Bob Corker

Republican Senator Bob Corker warned that President Trump’s impulsive threats against other countries could lead us to World War III and tweeted “the White House has become an adult daycare center.” President Trump fired right back. Washington Post national political correspondent James Hohmann explains what their feud may mean for President Trump’s legislative agenda and why Corker’s warnings have become “a gut check moment” for congressional Republicans. Then, Sandra Boynton talks about her life and career as a songwriter, illustrator and best-selling children’s book author.

Thanks to everyone who sent in clips of themselves reading and singing their favorite Sandra Boynton lines. This week’s podcast featured the voices of 6-year-old Alice Houser, Syrah DuPont, at age 29 months, Cait Garrity and Jennifer Ayers, whose ages will remain a secret.


  • James Hohmann National political correspondent, The Washington Post; author of The Daily 202 morning newsletter
  • Sandra Boynton Author of dozens of children's books and music albums, including her latest, "Hog Wild! A Frenzy of Dance Music"

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